Solar Panels Northern Ireland

Solar energy systems are an increasingly popular, affordable and ecological ways to cut your home or business heating bills.

Solar Panel Grants

Solar Panel Grants The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a government grant announced in November 11, initially targeted at businesses to encourage them to generate heat in a more environmentally friendly way whilst reducing their overall energy costs.

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Solar water heating is when sunlight is converted into heat by solar panels typically located on the roof. This heat is transferred to the hot water cylinder where it can be used for showers, baths, washing machines or anything else that requires hot water.

Our Solar Systems produce hot water without creating carbon dioxide or any other greenhouse gas and create no pollution. Our technology converts light into heat – and it is not even necessary to have direct sunshine.

At Solar Panels Northern Ireland, we use the latest solar technology from Worcester to ensure maximum efficiency. Case Studies have shown that our solution can provide over 60% of your annual hot water requirements.

Worcester’s Greenskies solar water heating panels use the power in both direct and diffused sunlight, converting the energy into heat, to produce hot water for the home. So although Northern Ireland may not be the sunniest part of the world, with our solar energy systems we can help capture that super free energy source.

Two Types of Solar energy systems

Solar PV (Electricity)

Solar PV

Photovaltaic (PV) solar panels allow you to generate free electricity for your home. Not only does that mean lower electricity bills, it also allows you to benefit from Feed in Tariff payments. Read More »

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

By using solar thermal collectors on your roof, you can generate around 66% of your annual hot water. Other solar heating options include underfloor heating. Read More »

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