Cost & Benefits

How much does domestic water heating cost?

Every home spends on average 25% of its combined energy bills on water heating. If you live in a newer house or one that has good quality roof insulation, cavity wall insulation or double glazing, the percentage of your bills paying for water heating will be higher. We aim to provide around 70% of your water heating FREE each year. In summer a the Solar System should provide virtually ALL your hot water and in deep winter, because of the short daylight hours available, it will still make a useful contribution of above 25% of your water heating energy. Solar energy is a free source of energy, unlike fossil fuels. You only pay once for the system which provides you energy, not for the energy you use.


Our research suggests that the payback of a a Solar System for a conventional three bedroomed house with a south facing is around eight years. Our systems should provide 35years of trouble-free use with minimal maintenance. There is no payback for a fossil fuel water heater which will usually needs to be replaced every ten to fifteen years and to be carefully and expensively service every year.

Our Solar Systems are also widely used to heat Swimming Pools where the savings are much larger and the payback periods much shorter.

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