Our Solution

Our standard Solar System Includes:

  • Two panels fitted onto a south facing roof.
  • A replacement hot water cylinder, which will be larger and more heavily insulated than your existing cylinder.
  • All necessary pipework, properly insulated to solar standards.
  • A pumping station
  • A digital controller
  • A safe environment friendly form of anti-freeze, approved throughout the world (including the USA) for use in the food industry

What about quality?

Quality is the foundation of our philosophy. We build and install to last and that is how it should be with all environmental products. The systems are independently test and certified as fully complying with BSEN 12975 Parts 1 & 2. Our system come with installer's guarantees and we support all properly installed system with our own:

  • 20 year anti-corrosion guarantee.
  • 10 year panel performance guarantee.
  • 2 year guarantee on all other parts.

How long and How much?

In most homes the engineer will be able to fit a the Solar System in less than three days and sometimes in less than two days. We will need access to your roof and your existing cylinder, which will be replaced by a larger one. Installation will not be unduly disruptive. Please read out testimonials for more details.

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