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I have always been interested in domestic applications of renewable energy for both environmental and financial reasons. In a world where increases in the price of fossil fuels are commonplace and there is pressure on us all to decrease Carbon emissions, it seems that we have few alternatives. Most of us don't have the room for a viable wind turbine and few houses are suitable for wood pellet or biomass options, so realistically that only leaves solar. Pound for pound solar water heating panels provide the greatest return on your investment with one of the shortest pay-for-itself turn arounds. A hefty Government grant of £1,125 regardless of the size of your installation also provides significant incentive. Having decided that I would like a solar water heating system, I needed two quotes from accredited installers to send in with the grant application. Solar Panels NI responded promptly with a home visit where the installation process, its timescale and my needs were discussed before I was provided with a competitive quote. Upon receiving the go-ahead from the Grants department, a date which fitted in with my personal calendar was set and the installation was arranged.

The installation generally takes two and a bit days. Interior works comprising replacing your hot water cylinder, arranging electrics and interior plumbing takes a full day. The other is occupied with fitting your panels and connecting them to the rest of the system. The morning of the third day is an hour taken to insure that the system has been fully vented and is working well. During this time Solar Panels NI staff worked quickly, efficiently and cleanly within the house. They took great pains to minimise any disruption, always making sure we had hot water and heating, working around myself and family so that you would hardly have known that they were there. The staff were courteous and well trained, taking time to explain the product, how it worked and realistic operating expectations.

The installation has been completed now for nearly a month and I can say that its performance has far excelled my expectations. The end of February is not known for its sunny weather or warm temperatures so it came as a surprise that even on overcast days, with no direct sunlight, my panels were achieving a minimum of 45degrees. I would generally have my heating on three times a day at this time of year, so it was great to think that I was only having to pay for two of those. This improves significantly on sunny days and the benefits only disappear on totally miserable, cloudy days. As the system regulates itself, it runs in the background and provides a stream of free hot water and domestic heating with no maintenance and no running costs past the initial investment. The installation and system are fully guaranteed and Solar Panels NI staff are there to provide a quick response to problems and queries. I have no hesitation in recommending solar water heating systems as a realistic response to today's environmental and financial pressures and Solar Panels NI as a company who would advise, provide and install the best system for you./

Ross Morgan

14 March 2008

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Dear Brendan,

Just a quick note to thank you for the recent installation of solar panels at my home. Your employees were clean, courteous and efficient. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to others. Thank You.

Gerald Wilson

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